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Monday, August 02, 2021 : PJN inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) | Thursday, May 12, 2022 : "Textbook of Plant Nematology" (Authors: Manzoor Hussain Soomro, Erum Iqbal and Firoza Kazi) has been published by Pakistan Society of Nematologists

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Pakistan Society of Nematologists (PSN) has been regularly publishing a bi-annual scientific journal, Pakistan Journal of Nematology (PJN) since 1983 covering the significant research in fundamental and applied Nematology from within and outside the country. The journal has a large circulation all over ...More


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Syzygium cumini Leaf Extracts as a Nematicide against Root Knot Nematode Meloidogyne javanica in Tomato
Salma Javed and Daniyal Siddiq | 39(2): 68-72,2021 : Download
Management of Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne javanica through Homeopathic Medicines
Asma Hanif and Shahnaz Dawar | 39(2): 73-81,2021 : Download
Plant Parasitic Nematodes (Nematoda: Tylenchida, Aphelenchida) Associated with Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch) Fields in the Northern Region of Kyrgyzstan
Ilker Kepenekci, F. Dolunay Erdoğuş and Adnan Tülek | 39(2): 82-87,2021 : Download
Comparative Methods for Controlling Root Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne javanica under Laboratory and Greenhouse Condition
Mohammed Abdel-Mageed Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Mageed, Eman Alsayed Hammad, Nashaat Abdel-Aziz Mahmoud and Anas Farag El-Mesalamy | 39(2): 88-94,2021 : Download
Effect of Artificial Mediated Abiotic Components against Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
Mahmoud M.A.Youssef and Wafaa M. A. El-Nagdi | 39(2): 95-98,2021 : Download
Antihelminthic Effects of Sawdust Mixed with Eucalyptus Biochar against Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Beniseed (Sesamum indicum L.) Crop in Makurdi, North-Central Nigeria
Christopher Oche Eche, Juliana Iye Oluwatayo, Demben Moses Esang, Paul Madina and Alexander Uloko | 39(2): 99-105,2021 : Download
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